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Texas Christian Fellowship was born into the heart of then 21-year old, minister Dorian R. Williams at a 1996 Georgia revival.  Although the vision was plain, it was not yet the appointed time.  In 2011, God directed the release of the TCF vision to the masses beginning a fellowship among a myriad of home-based cell groups. The cell groups gathered on Wednesday nights for bible study inevitably demanding more of God's Word, and would settle for nothing less! 

This led Dr. Williams and his national staff to develop a ministry model and outreach plan to serve the people of God located in South Texas.  In March of 2011, TCF began meeting online for weekly bible study and life application courses.  The virtual-bible study grew like wild-fire and the teaching of God's word became the staple and heartbeat of the TCF ministry.  The lack of gimmicks and games appealed to those who hungered for a healthy Rhema diet.  TCF's first Sunday service was held on July 17, 2011 in San Antonio, Texas. The response was overwhelming!

Now, Texas Christian Fellowship has it's praise-filled Agape Service every Sunday, while continuing its Wednesday night online bible studies, with every fourth Wednesday serving as a week of prayer and fasting.  The community cell groups meet every fifth Sunday for a community focused cell-group activity. TCF's fifth sunday outreach is  facilitated and led by the cell-group leaders themselves, and models itself after the early church where the community comprised the church body. So bring your jeans, cell group t-shirt, your testimony, and a soul-winners heart to TCF's next fifth sunday community outreach. 

Many have asked, "why does TCF have cell groups?" It is Dr. Williams' vision that this ministry is shored by healthy communities and strong personal relationships with God, and not the beauty of granite pillars or 40-acre supercenters. Although TCF itself currently worships in a beautiful facility, and will soon construct a house of faith  that hosts powerful worship services, bible studies, adult education programs, before and after school programs, mentoring outreaches, and a  myriad of other agendas of excellence, "TCF will never lose it's heart for the community."  Subsequently, Dr. Williams encourages each cell leader to have their own community mission that is built on the TCF corporate vision. This is done so that TCF touches the local community as well as Metro-San Antonio.  Biblically, the tribes of Israel and the post-resurrection apostolic movement best embody this "Kingdom Community" model.

TCF will continue this model until a sure-foundation of God's word, Fruit of the Spirit, and Agape love are commonplace amongst the fellowship core. Furthermore, God's plan trumps man's will, and TCF is content with the perfection of prayer, preaching, praise and the fellowship of two or three until the Blessed Hope! Selah.

Texas Christian Fellowship is founded, covered and governed by the United Christian Ministers Association. To learn more about our parent organization visit them at www.ucmaonline.org


To uplift, empower, and encourage the city of San Antonio and its surrounding areas through the preaching, teaching, and sharing of God's Word through His Holy Bible. Texas Christian Fellowship is a multicultural, faith-based, cross generational, house of faith located in San Antonio, Texas.

Our mission is to spiritually uplift our community, and work towards a greater good. We help those seeking spiritual healing fill  the void in their heart with Christ Jesus. Our faith-based outreach serves people of all races, creeds, and backgrounds. We do not discriminate and are exhaustively provoking one another unto good works.

Reaching the lost, one soul at a time!












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